Bozsoki Pihenő


Bozsoki Pihenő

Magán szálláshely

9727 Bozsok Rákóczi u. 43.

Tulajdonos: Kiss Rozália

Telefon: +36-94-361-009

Mobil: +36-30-264-7683


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Information and the prices of our apartments


In the Bozsoki Pihenő you can find 3 apartments where we can provide accommodation for 14 people.

The prices of our apartmants ( no meals are included)

2 people 35 euros/night 1 apartment

3 people 40 euros/night   1 apartment

4 people 45 euros/night   1 apartment

5 people 50 euros/night    1 apartment

Tax of tourism : 300 Forint /person /night above 18 years

Bozsok is a small village next to the Austrian border at the Feet of the Alps. This small village is 10 km far from Kőszeg and 23 km far from Szombathely. Tranquility, silence, peace and extremely fresh air are the main features of the region. This region has been famous since the end of 1800, a lot of people  have come here to relax and many visitors  have already experienced the healing effects of the air and they could get rid of their respiratory system problems.

The woods in the Kőszegi mountains, the swash of the small mountain streams, the singing birds help the visitors  forget about the rush of the modern world. Kőszeg, Cák, Velem, Irottkő and Burgenland (in Austria) have so many places of interest and so many beauties that your refreshing is guaranteed. The Gyöngyös stream with its trouts is a paradise for the people who are into fishing.

The Bozsoki Pihenő is an old house with three apartments for 14 people.  A huge yard, a barbecue place, and a wooden playground belong to the house. There is a beautiful and lovely Hungarian puli dog (called Pamacs) who loves people very much.

We hope that you will find a suitable offer and we can welcome you here in this beautiful countryside.

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